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Last Update before New Years! – 01 Dec 18

From Amazon to Marriott hotel guest records stolen.

Amazon’s controversial facial recognition software – Technology

amazon rekognition facial recognition fail congress

Amazon has been vague about its controversial facial recognition software, Rekognition. Unsurprisingly, lawmakers aren’t too happy and demands answers. A letter signed by eight lawmakers demand Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, to explain how Rekognition works and where it will be used.

Amazon signed contracts with different US government departments to use Rekognition. However, as we know from Apple and other facial recognition software, accuracy is an issue. This could lead to racial bias, and could cause harm to innocent people. Especially if used in Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

ACLU did a test of Rekognition and it mismatched 28 members of Congress, identifying them as others who have been arrested for a crime. But, who knows maybe they did commit a crime before.

Cortana app redesigned for ios users – Technology

cortana virtual assistant microsoft

Cortana new version 3.0 is said to have better compatibility with Apple products. The first beta version was released for all Apple users in October and is now fully available. Apple users could connect and control other devices which also use Cortana. This is an important development which could serve as a teaser for the release of the new headphone by Microsoft.

However, as virtual assistant goes, Google Assistant is still at the top. Siri has fallen behind quite a bit, though it was the 1st assistant introduced to the public. Alexa is catching up, so this new effort from Microsoft is a plan to stay in the game.

Marriott confirms 500 million Starwood Hotel guest records stolen – Web

marriott logo data breach guest records

Starwood Hotels and Marriott has confirmed about 500 million hotel guest records has been stolen in a data breach. Starwood Hotels and Resorts is a part of Marriott International. It include name, address, phone number, email, passport number, date of birth, gender, stay information, etc.

As well as the possibility of including credit card numbers and credit card expiration dates. It is unknown exactly how many guests are affected at what level. There is a possibility that the data breach started in 2014 and they only discovered it now. Specific details of the data breach are still unknown.


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