3 Trending Topics on the Web – 15 Nov 18

From Kaspersky anti-virus to Lyft Rewards.

Kaspersky Anti-virus restoring trust after allegations of Russia hacking its software – Web

kaspersky anti virus zurich datacenter software

(Image: Kaspersky new home)

About a year ago Russian anti-virus software, Kaspersky, was accused of being hacked and used for obtaining US classified documents. Anti-virus software tend to have full permission over one’s computer. So the hackers used this to search for classified American programs’ code names and files. Apparently, in one instance hackers were able to obtain classified documents from an NSA employee’s personal computer with Kaspersky installed.

As a result, Kaspersky is moving its core processes to Zurich Switzerland and out of Russia. The new Zurich Transparency Center operations will be reviewed by third parties. An attempt to restore trust and increase transparency. Nevertheless, the relocation will finalize at the end of 2019.

New Lyft loyalty program to launch in December 2018 – Web

lyft loyalty rewards program ride sharing

(Image: Lyft Rewards)

Ridesharing service Lyft announced its new plan to encourage returning customer. They launched Lyft Rewards, a loyalty program for the everyday rider. Lyft Rewards will begin testing next month and will be available to select riders across US. It allows riders earn points for each dollar spent. The points are for upgrades to nicer cars, discount on future rides, and other perks.

Lyft already rewards its regular riders in some way. Such as, its subscription service that rewards business users and Delta partnership that allows Lyft riders to earn Delta miles.

The new Lyft Rewards program is for everyday riders. Certainly, this is a part of Lyft’s effort to compete with Uber and retain users.

Japan’s new dragon drone is proof of drone technology advancements – Technology

japan dragon drone university of tokyo flying

(Image: University of Tokyo)

We saw the rise of drones in 2016, but almost all drones are quadcopters already. As a result, we can’t imagine a drone being anything else. Researchers from the University of Tokyo came up with a new drone design that will change the game completely. The new dragon or snake like design improves a drone’s mobility and flexibility.

The fans change direction to generate thrust to allow higher mobility. The Dragon drone is capable of carrying out a wide range of transformations in mid-air. It transforms into different shapes and its mobility means that it can move easily through complex environments.

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