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From OUYA gaming console to Instagram.

OUYA Android Console Gaming: The failed attempt to revolutionize gaming – Technology

ouya android gaming console kickstarter fail

(Image: OU-YA, OU-NO)

OUYA was a Kickstarter project that raised its funding goal within hours. The concept was simple. It was a cheap open source gaming console that used Android as the operating system. OUYA allows game developers to get their game out without heavy costs. It also had easy access to its hardware, so to encourage users to hack it and improve the console, such as installing apps from other app markets. It still has its own app market though.

However, the overwhelming issues with its hardware and software made it into a failure. The hardware was not capable of running anything but mobile based games. The controller was poorly made and game developers couldn’t and didn’t develop any good exclusive games. However, you can still buy the console for $99 today. OUYA recently got acquired by Razer.

Southeast Asia’s digital economy is expected to 3x by 2025 – Web

southeast asia digital economy google report 2025

(Image: Google report)

According to a report by Google, Southeast Asia’s digital economy could triple to $240 billion by 2025. Though the spotlight has been always on China and India, the report suggests we shouldn’t underestimate Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia has been growing rapidly in the digital sector over the past years.

Here are some quick facts from Google:

  • There are 350 million internet users in the region.
  • The region’s digital economy has doubled since 2015.
  • $9.1 billion raised in the first half of 2018 by the region’s tech companies. In comparison, $9.4 billion raised in 2017.
  • 8 million rides are taken via apps every day in 500 cities.
Instagram copied from Snapchat and became more successful – Web

instachat instagram snapchat

(Image: Different than Facebook and Snapchat)

Not long ago, Instagram copied Stories from Snapchat and became way more successful. Despite the fact that Instagram lacked many features at first compared to Snapchat Stories, such as AR emojis. Nevertheless, Snapchat went into decline ever since Instagram introduced similar features. Some of Snapchat’s redesign didn’t go well either, and all of this caused Snapchat to decline.

Now, Instagram copied yet another feature from Snapchat, disappearing messages. The point of disappearing messages is so that users can be more carefree. However, this doesn’t mean others like it. So Instagram compromised. Instachat Direct allows users to choose between sending temporary messages and traditional messages. It is turned off by default, but users can easily turn it on.

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