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3 Trending Topics on the Web – 22 Nov 18

From Amazon exposes customers’ emails to Facebook auctioned off a child.

Amazon exposes customers’ emails and names due to technical error – Web

amazon security breach leak email

If you are a registered member on Amazon, then you may receive a worrying email from Amazon. In the email, Amazon apologizes for “inadvertently disclosed your email address due to a technical error.” In other words, Amazon exposed customers’ email addresses and names, but to who or why is still unknown.

Amazon states that only affected users are emailed and they had no further comment. Amazon exposes customers’ emails is already a big deal, especially after Apple iCloud and Sony PlayStore got hacked. However, for unknown reasons we don’t even to get to know who it is exposed to and why the technical error occurred. Nevertheless, Amazon says there is no need for further actions from the users.

Hongkong subway system embraces QR mobile payment – Technology

alipay wechat pay hongkong subway

Hongkong subway system recently introduced mobile payment. Travelers can now use their Wechat Wallet or Alipay to pay for their ticket. This idea already exists in Beijing, where travelers can download an app to pay for their ticket. However, this is easier as it eliminates the need to download an app.

Wechat Pay and Alipay are battling for the spot of becoming the method for mobile payment. So far it seems both are neck to neck. Now, they have taken their battle to Hongkong, where a whole new market awaits them. So far in Western world, Apple Pay and other methods are falling behind by miles. China is on its way of becoming a cashless country, whereas Apple Pay is still struggling to work in stores.

Can’t catch a break. Facebook failed to stop a child from being auctioned – Web

social network facebook auction girl south sudan

Facebook has been under a lot of pressure lately. It started with Russia influencing election opinions and now Mark Zuckerberg being questioned about his leadership. Facebook once more came under fire. This time it is about a 16 years old girl in South Sudan being auctioned off on Facebook.

Facebook deleted the auction post but it was too late as the girl was already auctioned off. Now the question is how could Facebook allow this to happen in the first place? Are there no counter measures against such auctions? It seems at this point, no matter what Facebook do or say, people’s trust in Facebook is gone.

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