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3 Trending Topics on the Web – 26 Nov 18

From LinkedIn to Ohio Bitcoin tax.

LinkedIn used 18 million emails of non-members in targeted ads on Facebook – Web

linkedin leaked email facebook targeted ads

(Image: User data is never secure)

Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) published a report that included an investigation on LinkedIn. They were found guilty to target 18 million non-member emails with Facebook ads. How LinkedIn got those emails is unknown. The ads urged them to join LinkedIn. LinkedIn has stopped the practice as a result of the investigation.

DPC found that LinkedIn US did this without the required instruction from the data controller, LinkedIn Ireland. GDPR caused many companies to move their data processing to US, avoiding the stricter regulation to process EU users’ data. A user made a complaint about LinkedIn using their email address for targeted ads, which prompt the investigation.

But, DPC was concerned that this might be a bigger issue. A further investigation revealed that LinkedIn was also applying its algorithms to suggest professional networks for users.

Facebook’s New York Times rebuttal – Web

new york times facebook article

(Image: NY Mag)

If you remember, the New York Times did an investigative article about Facebook’s rocky 2 years. Recently, Facebook published a blog post addressing some of the points by the New York Times.

Firstly, Facebook stated that they weren’t aware of the Russian activities on Facebook as early as spring of 2016. Facebook did address the issues that they were aware, and they didn’t discourage Alex Stamos from further investigate the issue.

Secondly, Trump’s comments on the Muslim ban didn’t break Facebook’s guidelines.

Thirdly, Facebook is committed to the fight against fake news.

Fourthly, Sheryl Sandberg is for the sex trafficking legislation because she believed it was indeed the right thing to do.

Lastly, Facebook stand behind Mark Zuckerberg’s comment about urging executives to use Android.

Ohio is now accepting Bitcoin for tax payments – Web

bitcoin ohio crypto tax

(Image: Bitcoin is in decline)

Soon businesses in Ohio will be able to pay their taxes in Bitcoin. Ohio would be the first state in US to accept crypto currency officially. The process is simple; companies just need to go to and register to pay for corporate taxes. Despite the recent Bitcoin decline.

This is the idea of the current Ohio state treasurer, Josh Mandel. The program is a step towards making Ohio into a more tech-friendly place. Already, Ohio has a sort of technology hub forming in Columbus. This could be a move to attract businesses away from Silicon Valley.

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