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3 Trending Topics on the Web – 27 Nov 18

From Nova 4 to PlayStation Classic.

Huawei Nova 4 with a full screen display – Technology

huawei nova 4 full screen

(Image: Huawei Nova 4 teaser)

As Samsung S10 is coming out, Huawei also made their move. It looks like Huawei’s new Nova 4 will beat Samsung S10 to market with a full screen display. There have been rumors about the S10 having a foldable full screen display. In Huawei Nova 4 teaser, the tagline is “Extreme selfie full screen display” featuring an image of a full screen display phone.

The Nova 4 is to be officially announced in December. The notch is expected to be replaced by a pinhole supporting the front camera. The light in the top left corner in the teaser might be where the front camera would be. Whether or not there will be other pinholes for other functions, we will see in December.

However, the Nova series is exclusive to the Chinese market. There hasn’t been any announcement regarding an international launch.

Google Business reviews now supports hashtags – Web

Google Maps-Location Sharing

(Image: Engadget)

Why do companies not announce updates anymore? Once again, Google decided to include hashtag support in business reviews without any announcement. Hashtags is useful for users to discover places others have recommended. Users are able to find a perfect place more quickly and easily. It is also based on user reviews, so it is more trustworthy than businesses describing themselves.

However, it seems this feature is only available on Android devices. It is unclear when they will add iOS and web support. We only knew about this when one of our writer’s friends, who is a local guide, received an email. The email explained that they could go back to their old reviews and add hashtags.

PlayStation Classic: A trip down memory lane – Gaming

playstation classic sony

(Image: Sony)

After seeing the success of the Nintendo Classic and Super Nintendo, Sony released the PlayStation Classic. These remade mini consoles are meant to give you nostalgia and let you revisit the classic games of the consoles. However, these are a few problems with the PlayStation Classic.

First, the controllers included are the original PlayStation controllers, the ones without analog sticks. This limits the expansion potential of the PlayStation Classic since some PlayStation 1 games required analog sticks.

Second, there are only 1 quick save state or resume points for each game compared to 4 on Nintendo Classic and SNES Classic.

Lastly, not all 20 titles on the PlayStation Classic will be worth your time. Unlike the Nintendo Classic systems, the PlayStation Classic includes titles that weren’t popular to begin with. Such as, Mr Driller and Syphon Filter.

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