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From Elon Musk tunnels to Didi, China’s Uber.

Elon Musk stops digging of one his tunnels – Technology

boring company elon musk tunnel hyperloop

(Image: Elon Musk’s photo of his tunnel)

The Boring Company does a lot of projects, including flame throwers and tunnels. Elon Musk tunnels are experimental, they are meant to test the idea of underground hyper loop. Hyper loop is a new type of transportation that allows pods/trains to travel faster without air resistance or friction.

The Hawthorne tunnel is set to open in December 10th 2018. It is a 3.2km or 2 mile tunnel that allows 16 passengers to travel at 241 km/h or 150 mph. The Dugout loop tunnel is still in progress. It is the latest proposed tunnel under Los Angeles area, Westside tunnel, which was hit by lawsuits. The Boring Company announced they would abandon the plans after settling the environmental review lawsuit.

2 Iranian men named for SamSam ransomware attacks – Web

samsam ransom malware virus

(Image: SamSam ransomware page)

For those who don’t know SamSam ransomware, you should. It’s one of the most notorious malware/virus out there that took down the city of Atlanta and other city systems. It encrypts all your data and demands a heavy bitcoin payment to unlock your files. It uses a type of encryption that costs more to fix than to pay the ransom.

They caused more than $30 million worth of damages and received $6 million in ransom. As Iranian nationals, it’s unlikely that the 2 will ever face justice in the U.S. This indictment is more of a name and shame situation. In other words, we know who they are but we can’t really do much.

China’s Uber, Didi, adds driver training program after hard recovery from controversies– Web

didi rideshare app uber china

(Image: Didi, China’s Uber)

Just like Uber, Didi faces a lot of controversies. On the one hand, it is a very convenient way to get around. On the other hand, it provides nearly zero safety measures for the passengers or the drivers. May 5th 2018, a passenger was murdered by the driver and another in 2016.

Didi has facial recognition function to verify their drivers, however, it failed to prevent the deaths. Didi has since increased the entry bar for their drivers. But at the same time many drivers feel the cost of compliance outweighs the return. To attract drivers, Didi plans to offer training sessions and help their drivers to comply with regulations.

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