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Fake News Alert! The Verge is at it again with false information about LinkedIn DPC report

In short, The Verge LinkedIn story coverage has false information.

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We do extensive background checks for every article we write. Even if it is just short daily updates. During our research into LinkedIn recent investigation by DPC, we went on the The Verge LinkedIn story coverage to cross examine our information. To no one’s surprise, The Verge once again got their facts wrong.

The Verge among other news sites is visited by many people. So, it is natural to assume their articles are of high quality. However, as we discovered, it is not the case.

How did we do our research?

We read the article by The Verge, and cross fact checked the article. In the small chance that maybe everybody else is wrong, we consulted with GDPR experts on the matter.


the verge fake news linkedin

In the article, The Verge stated that “As TechCrunch points out; numerous companies moved their data processing operations to Ireland prior to the implementation of new European data regulations.” First off, Tech Crunch originally stated “LinkedIn, Facebook and others in the lead-up to GDPR coming into effect moved data processing that had been going through Ireland to the US.”

We have no idea how, even when referencing the original article, could The Verge got it wrong. Also, GDPR is about protecting EU users. Just logically it makes no sense that data processing operations would move to Ireland, an EU member. Why would companies move into a country with stricter regulations? So even without knowing too much about GDPR, you would STILL know that most data processing operations are moved to the US.

To conclude, it is these small things that make you question the integrity of The Verge. Granted it is a minor mistake, but come on. Don’t you think you can proofread a 250 words article easily?

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