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Last Summary before New Years! – 01 Dec 18

From Google Night Sight to Infervision.

Google night sight released for all android users – Technology

google camera pixel night sight

(Image: XDA developers)

The night scene which has been teased by Google is finally out and it is great. The quality of smartphone cameras have been improving over the years. However, when it comes to taking photos at night, they are not great. Google push towards better photography with the Pixel and improving the camera with every update.

Google plans to release this new feature in bits and exactly what night sight can do is not certain. It debuted during Pixel 3 launch. A picture taking at night looks the same if it was taken during the day! You can see much more details.

It would be the perfect camera to use for taking pictures in the night, or in areas where there are low light settings.

Direct Messaging with businesses added by Google to all android and ios users – Technology

google mybusiness logo maps

(Image: Google mybusiness is for businesses on Google Maps)

Google has added a new feature which would allow individuals to communicate fully with businesses using the new messenger features. This new messenger allows users to communicate with the businesses and restaurants to make business transactions go smoother. It will be available to both apple and android users.

A message button is expected to appear on Google maps, which would allow you to communicate directly with the businesses found on the map. Businesses would be able to receive any messages which are sent to them as long as they are registered with Google.

China’s Infervision can help detect cancers from images – Technology

infervision china deep learning ai medical

(Image: Infervision Ai)

Doctors have relied on their trained eyes and experience to diagnose diseases from medical images. Infervision is among many artificial intelligence startups competing to improve medical diagnosis through images with deep learning. The company started by identifying cancerous lung cells. Recently they announced they will extend to other chest related conditions.

Machines are much faster human readers. It normally takes doctors tens of minutes to process 1 image, whereas Infervision AI can process the image in seconds. Not only this, but AI also addresses the issue of false diagnosis by taking away the human component. Most false diagnosis happens because doctors are stressed, tired, or affected by other factors.

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