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From RED hydrogen one to Supersonic fingerprint scanner

The RED Hydrogen one: A cinematography camera company’s first smartphone – Technology

red hydrogen one smartphone

(Image: RED)

RED is an American company that manufactures cinematography cameras and accessories. So you wouldn’t expect them to enter the smartphone industry. However, Sony did partner with Ericsson before to produce phones with great cameras. It is reasonable to expect RED Hydrogen one to have a great camera at least.

The first batch of RED Hydrogen one was recently shipped to reviewers and they are not happy. In summary, the 3D display effect is no more than a gimmick, the 3D sound system is abysmal and the camera isn’t what you expect.

The camera takes flat looking images for the purpose of easier editing. Most professionals prefer flatter videos and images, so that they could adjust the colors easier later on. However, such flat images also need to be in the right format, which is the raw format.

RED Hydrogen one on the other hand, takes photos in JPG. JPG is harder to edit and therefore, reviewers are conflicted about the camera. But it has higher build quality and the grips on the side helps a lot when holding the phone. The titanium version is also massively delayed. DNS privacy service now available on the iOS and Android – Web

dns privacy service vpn secure connection

(Image: Internet privacy)

A DNS privacy service is similar to a VPN. DNS (Domain Name System) is like a phonebook for the internet. Computers uses IP address to communicate and not the names assigned to them. For example, you go to Google by typing But your computer has to look up the IP address for first, and then connects you to Google.

Therefore, hackers can see which websites you visited by intercepting DNS and see which IP addresses you connected to. is a service that prevents this by connecting you to their servers first. So hackers could only see you connecting to the IP address However, it doesn’t secure all your traffic data, so a VPN is strongly recommended.

The New Samsung S10: First smartphone to use a supersonic fingerprint scanner – Technology

oneplus 6t optical samsung s10 supersonic fingerprint screen

(Image: Mashable)

There are 3 types of fingerprint scanners: Optical, Capacitive and supersonic. Most smartphones today uses capacitive scanner.

A capacitive scanner uses many tiny conductors to capture electricity emitted from your fingers. It can tell the ridges of your finger touching the scanner and takes a snapshot. Optical uses visible light to capture a snapshot of your finger. A supersonic fingerprint scanner uses ultrasound, like a bat, to detect ridges of your finger and takes a snapshot that way.

The advantage of using an optical or supersonic scanner is that it can be hidden under the phone’s screen. It doesn’t take up any extra space. However, optical scanner requires a lot of light and it is slower. The OnePlus 6T uses optical scanner, but Samsung S10 is partnering with Qualcomm to implement the supersonic fingerprint scanner.

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