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Google Titan Key: A step backwards for online security? – Web

google titan key account safety security lock

(Image: Google)

Passwords were adopted to make our lives easier. We no longer need a key for the lock. However, as hackers find new ways to hack into our accounts, we are reverting back to using a key. Two factor authentications was an attempt to improve security. However, hackers could impersonate you and get a new SIM card from your telecom company. A new SIM card will deactivate yours and then they could gain access to you accounts.

Google came up with a solution to use a key for your accounts. Similar to our mini bank keypads we use to log in to our banks, Google Titan key is a unique identifier to verify your identity. Basically, an impossible to duplicable key to increase account safety. That is until you lose the key. Then you have to go through a painful process with Google to get another one.

Is 5G here? A CES 2019 prediction – Technology

cellphone tower 5g network internet speed

(Image: 5G network is going to be faster than you can imagine)

A 5G network would increase the internet speed and able to connect many more devices. Most importantly, it can connect smart cars and Internet Of Things seamlessly. We already have companies like Qualcomm working with telecom companies to employ 5G networks. Verizon offers 5G home broadband today, though it uses its own proprietary technology so it’s not exactly the real deal.

Nevertheless, there isn’t a single 5G ready device on the market today. To get devices 5G ready takes time, so don’t expect 5G to come any time soon. But we suspect that at CES 2019 we will be seeing companies showcasing their 5G devices.

Facebook of China, RenRen sold for only $20 Million – Web

renren china facebook social network media logo

(Image: Facebook of China) once said to be the Facebook of China, just sold for $20M to Beijing Infinities Interactive Media. It failed to keep up with the younger demographic and changing social media environment. Sites like Weibo, Twitter of China, and Wechat have completely dominated the market. Renren failed to stay ahead in the game with its outdated format, especially on mobile devices.

Renren has plans to exit the social networking market and move on into other social ventures. For example, Renren found success with Trucker Path after its acquisition. Trucker path is a social app for truckers in the US. Its stocks price is around $2 today, compared with its peak at $84 when it debuted on the New York Stock Exchange in 2011.

Editor’s Comment:

Even Myspace was sold for $35 Million. For a such big social networking site, it is quite low.

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