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3 Trending Topics Summarized – 21 Nov 18

From Amazon HQ2 to New gradient Samsung S9 color.

Amazon makes crucial decision with massive impact – Web

amazon hq2 new hq new york

(Image: Amazon HQ2)

Amazon has made a crucial decision concerning their expansion plans. They have ultimately decided choose New York as their location for their new HQ, HQ2. This decision will cause ripples around the e-commerce industries. Many other corporations can now start making plans of their own.

Many of these companies held off plans in order to avoid competing with Amazon in terms of employees and staff. After this announcement, many corporations would be back in the drawing board to decide their next line of action. Amazon’s HQ2 will expand the reach of Amazon and enhance profitability for the company. On the other hand, it will cause local residents trouble in the future. Such as higher housing prices etc.

Samsung announces new phone processor which is mind blowing – Technology

samsung Exynos 9 series 9820 processor

(Image: Samsung new processor)

A new system chip has been announced by Samsung which will knock competitors out of the market. This is the new Exynos 9 series 9820.  It is believed that this processor is aimed at improving the artificial intelligence which has been integrated into Samsung devices. It is to work perfectly and effectively at all times.

This improvement in performance is because of AI accelerator which is designed to make the whole processes even more efficient. Samsung devices’ performance will improve and it will make their devices 7x faster than their current chip. Since Apple’s iPhone is in decline, this new processor will push Samsung to the top.

Samsung S9 new exclusive gradient color – Technology

samsung s9 blue gradient color china

(Image: Better than Red iPhone)

Think you had seen everything the galaxy S9 had to offer? Well, think again as Samsung has released a new variation of it with pure melting ice blue gradient colour. This is an exclusive new colour and feature of the S9 which would separate it from the normal solid colours which are on display usually on all smartphones.

However, the down part of this is that this new colour variation is only available in China as Samsung hopes to attract more buyers in the densely populated region. However, we can expect this to come to the global market soon.

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