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3 Trending Topics Summarized – 26 Nov 18

From foldable phone to Facebook recall message feature.

Samsung announces Galaxy F; A foldable phone set to come out in 2019 – Technology

samsung galaxy f foldable display

(Image: Forbes)

According to the latest announcement by Samsung, a new foldable phone is set to come out in 2019. The new Galaxy F is a highly anticipated phone due to its ability to be folded. The truth is that this phone is actually a tablet and a phone. It has the ability to be folded into a size which could easily fit into the pockets of your jeans.

While this new announcement has had Samsung fans buzzing with excitement, it has not gone down well with Apple fans as they have labelled the phone to be desperate and predictable. Sceptics believe it is just another plot to hype up a will be failed phone. This new phone will be launched in the first quarter of the New Year.

Oneplus 5 and others expected to receive the Hydrogen OS 9.0 in China – Technology

android Marshmallow pie 9

(Image: Android Pie changes users’ experience)

The head of OnePlus, Pete Lau, has recently confirmed that the new Hydrogen OS 9.0 would be made available to OnePlus and OnePlus 5T users who are based in China. It is important to note the Hydrogen OS is the exclusive UI for the Chinese market, while Oxygen OS is used for the rest of the world.

With the introduction Android Pie 9 based UI update for China; it is believed that the Oxygen OS 9.0 upgrade will be out shortly afterwards. This is an important update as Android Pie changes the way Android is navigated and how we interact with our phones.

Facebook includes a recall feature for its Messenger app – Web

facebook retract recall messages sent

(Image: Jane Manchun Wong)

A new feature has been considered by Facebook, which would allow its users to unsend messages previously sent. This feature would help to remove all mistakes and typo errors which would normally occur when using Messenger.

This new feature was introduced after Mark Zuckerberg seemingly recalled some of his messages. Facebook said it wasn’t an abuse of power but rather for security reasons. But, it would soon be available to all users.

It would surely be embraced by many people, however, ever since April we haven’t heard anything. Recently, Jane Manchun Wong, discovered the potential feature in Messenger’s Android code. It is believed that a new button would be introduced, but more details is unknown.

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