FNC Broxah baron steal league of legends world finals 2018

3 League of Legends World championship finals Highlights 2018│FNC vs IG

Well, the dream of FNC bringing the trophy home is officially over. It was rather disappointing seeing FNC getting crushed all 3 games, but as predicted in our other article, China LPL had a bigger chance of winning. Now let’s take a look at some of League of Legends World championship finals Highlights 2018.

IG TheShy’s Irelia in game 2

IG TheShy irelia league of legends world finals 2018

One of League of Legends World championship finals Highlights is definitely IG ThyShy’s Irelia. Arguably FNC should have banned Alistar and Irelia. Alistar was such a strong pick for IG that FNC didn’t know how to counter his engage in game 1. However, the highlight of game 2 is IG TheShy’s Irelia gameplay. His mechanics on Irelia was absolutely incredible. IG TheShy was able to secure a large lead against Sion (FNC Soaz) during laning phase and cleaned FNC’s back line in team fights. For example, at 19:23 of game 2, FNC just lost a team fight and Lee Sin (FNC Broxah) was retreating with Braum (FNC Hylissang). Irelia (IG TheShy) chased them to their 2nd tier turret, and Lee Sin used Chilling Smite to slow Irelia. However, Irelia used 2 Qs on minions to close the gap and used her stun to stun both of them, getting a double kill.

FNC Broxah’s baron steal in game 3

FNC Broxah baron steal league of legends world finals 2018

FNC was losing and all hope was seemingly gone. However, FNC Broxah’s baron steal brought hope back to FNC for a short while. At 20:25 in game 3, IG was doing baron and FNC running to stop them. At this point, FNC had no vision of the baron area. Rakan (IG Baolan) missed his knock up and Jax ( FNC Broxah) was able to hit the explosive plant. Aatrox (IG TheShy) flew over the baron wall and tried to stop Jax. When Jax landed in the baron pit, the baron had 1100 health. Galio (IG Rookie) tried to knock up Jax, but it was too late. Jax had stolen the baron.

FNC Caps surviving a 3 man gank without using his summoners in game 3

FNC Caps viktor league of legends world finals 2018

At 04:18 in game 3, IG Rookie (Galio), IG Ning (Camille) and IG Baolan (Rakan) was looking for FNC Caps (Viktor) in the mid lane. However, just as Rakan flew in to land his knock up and Camille slowing Viktor down, Viktor used a well-timed and placed Gravity Field which stunned Camille and Rakan. Galio was forced out also because of the Gravity Field. This was important for FNC because it denied IG’s attempt to snowball and pressure FNC. 3 members of IG had to recall and they didn’t get anything from the gank. Not even Cleanse from FNC Caps. This lead to an easy gank top on Aatrox (IG TheShy) and Sion (FNC Soaz) regaining control of the lane.

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