Ninento Switch charging port design issue

4 Major problems with the Nintendo Switch – Things to consider before buying it

The Nintendo Switch has given handheld gaming a boost. Its capability to be used as a stationary console and handheld device addresses the issue of more people having less time to game on a console, but wanting to pass the time with handheld devices. However, this doesn’t mean it is problem-free.

1. The position of the Charging port

Ninento Switch charging port design issue

Why didn’t Nintendo add a 2nd charging port on top is beyond our understanding. Since you can put the Nintendo Switch in its dock and it will become a stationary console, it becomes an issue. The problem is that the charging port in the dock is at the bottom, however, when you want to use the Switch on a table, you have to elevate it with books and such or else you wouldn’t be able to charge it whilst playing because the charging port is at the bottom!

2. The build quality

Nintendo switch controller dock

It is usually the details that would irritate a gamer. In this case, when you slide the controller on the sides of the Nintendo Switch and use it as a handheld device, you would feel as if the controllers would break anytime because it doesn’t feel sturdy. This is due to the weight of the Switch is too much for the plastic controllers. Of course there are other issues such as dead pixels, and graphics error.

3. Upcoming Games

Nintendo switch games zelda mario

What every gaming console and devices are afraid of is the lack of games. Virtual Reality (VR) gaming is starting to decline because the development of VR games takes longer and is more expensive.  Therefore, not many game developers want to develop games for VR. Same thing happened to PS Vita, granted there were other issues with the device itself, another major reason why it failed is because of lack of new and enjoyable games compared to the Nintendo 3DS.

The Nintendo Switch might suffer from the same fate, however, with the success of recent Nintendo exclusives, such as Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild and Super Mario Odyssey, it seems Nintendo Switch is here to stay for the near future.

4. Doesn’t support wireless headphones

Nintendo Switch headphone jack

The Nintendo Switch doesn’t support wireless headphones. Although the device has Bluetooth, this is reserved for the controllers.  So you must plug in headphones directly into the Switch. This is annoying when gaming on the go or even at home on the TV and you want to keep the volume down. As more and more companies pushes for wireless technology, such as Apple, it is difficult to accept the Switch doesn’t support wireless headphones, it kind of defeat its purpose of being flexible.

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