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4 Reasons why we all need to experience Racism – An opinion article on positive racism

Let’s start with a disclaimer. I am NOT saying racism is good or that I am a racist. Racism is undeniably bad and is a major society issue that needs to be addressed. However, racism isn’t going away anytime soon. I do believe it is almost impossible to erase the prejudice we have. Instead of just focusing on the negative aspects of racism, why don’t we look for some positive perspective? Is there positive racism?I am just looking for some good in a horrible society problem.

To appreciate what we have

hillary clinton racism art

We will never appreciate things we take for granted unless it’s taken away from us. You may think of it as check your privilege, but that’s not where I want to head. Checking one’s privilege has some truth in it, however its usage has been tainted over the years. It got a negative connotation because of the terrible way social justice warriors have been using it.

Nevertheless, I am referring to its original meaning, to put aside one’s own inherent privileges when considering others’ situation in order to gain a better understanding of the circumstances. By seeing how others struggle for what we take for granted will gives us a new appreciation of our predicament.

Experience unfairness to widen our world view

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The world is a nasty place. In order to navigate in such filth we need to explore every bit of it. We all experience unfairness in our daily lives. However, to experience unfairness because of something that is out of our control is completely soul crushing. Not matter your skin color, we all get judged or discriminated.

But, having gone through the ordeal, you will start to see the dark side of society. Your horizon will broaden and you will find yourself in another world that you aren’t familiar with. It is like taking the red pill in the Matrix to see the brutal truth about our reality. So racism becomes positive racism by forcing you into a corner first.

Better ourselves to represent a race

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No matter your background, people will always judge you based on your skin color. Whether you like it or not, this means you represent your race in every interaction. Let’s be honest, even if you have a British passport, others (especially British natives) will never consider you as British. So even though you consider yourself as a British, other people will only see your skin color. Therefore you will always represent your race and not nationality.

We would better ourselves just to improve the image of our race and gain more respect. As a result, we hope next time we wouldn’t get screwed over just because the image of our race is bad. Of course, you might not give a damn at all. You might think this is bullshit, if so I want you to read point 1 and 2 again.

To treat others better

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This is somewhat related to point 1, however I wanted to emphasize a bit more. When we understand our privileges and burdens, we can then understand better why others are the way they are. This way, we will not immediately judge others; rather give them a chance for them to plead their case.

For example, when you first meet an Asian student, you might think of; good at math, speak poor English and not sociable. With this new understanding, you will hold off those prejudices and interact with them long enough so you can make an informed judgment. He is an unsociable person because of his personality, not because he is Asian. It has nothing to do with his race.

All points above are arguments for positive racism. Again, racism is bad but it is time for us to look at it from another perspective.

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