What is SoFakeNews

SoFakeNews is a new alternative approach to delivering news. News have changed over the past decade. Trusted household names like CNN and Wall Street Journal have become unreliable, a total joke. We were inspired by Pewdiepie and his war against traditional news media. From his story, we learned that traditional media today are desperate to get and retain readers. However, the methods they used to do so by having clickbait titles and a clear lack of research on the topic is a disgrace. On the other hand, we don’t want to talk about news in the traditional way. We write as we see it and try making news fun without twisting the facts.

Our articles are for those tired of reading boring news and fake news. Because, we believe it shouldn’t be this difficult. You shouldn’t be mislead by the clickbait titles, but still have fun reading the news. However, this doesn’t mean we don’t encourage you to do further research. We don’t hide the fact that there is always the possibility that we missed some information, or our information becomes outdated. Nevertheless you should judge the situation yourself!

Who are we?

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We are a bunch of writers from different backgrounds. We are freelancers, consultants, programmers and such. None of us writes for a living, but all of us love to write and share interesting news. We are NOT another traditional media site. We are more fun and our articles are easier to read. Essentially, we are a bunch of regular Joes using Sofakenews as an outlet to express ourselves and as a relaxation tool. We avoid political news because we don’t want make the site political.

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