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SoFakeNews’ news coverage and articles is based on objective, consequence-neutral and evidence-based reporting, to provide our readers with unbiased news and information. Our principle is to clearly distinguish between news and opinions. SoFakeNews is free to our readers and financed by advertisements. Currently, most of our budget goes to maintaining the site and the rest towards marketing.

Most of SoFakeNews’ writers and columnists are volunteers. We try our best to provide our readers with news and exciting articles every week. However, due to practical reasons, sometimes we can’t fulfill our promise. For that we apologize beforehand.

Our mission is not to become a local coverage source, rather we aim to cover world wide news and become your daily web destination.

Our ambition is to develop and raise the quality of reporting by highlighting particularly knowledgeable writers – no matter where or who they are. We want to create a world-class news and guides site. It is an ambitious commitment, which we hope to achieve with the help of our readers – together.

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Our writers and columnists ideological writing gives their own interesting perspective. Therefore, the “Shower Thought” and “Guides” sections are based on opinions and experiences, while our news section, on the other hand, is driven by neutrality. Our writers and columnists are from different backgrounds. Such as, freelancers, consultants, programmers, journalists, and researchers. We all love to write and share. However, the direction of the site is not political.

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