How I got here – Why am I sharing my personal experiences

I started to blog about my personal experiences because I want to help those who are going down the path I walked through. I am going to turn 30 soon, but I have experienced a lot in my 20s. I pushed myself because I realized that life shouldn’t just be about work.

As I am nearing the point in my life where I am focusing on getting a stable career and starting a family, I started to think about all the mistakes I made. I am all for letting one to make mistakes and learn from them. However, I wished that someone warned me at least so I wouldn’t get in over my head.

Therefore, some lessons I paid a heavy price for. Thankfully, the price was usually my time or money, rarely did it leave an emotional scar. This blog is to prepare those who wishes to go down the paths I took. May it be about jobs, starting own business, investments, relationships, social life, or morality.

You ultimately decide which paths you take, I am here to give you a preview of some of the paths out there. I am not here to convince you otherwise, rather to give you a heads up about the potential outcomes.

A little about me

My name is Bruce L., I am Chinese and I grew up in Sweden. I did my bachelors in the UK and masters in Sweden, both in Business Administration. Right now, I am a digitalization consultant in Sweden, but I worked as an IT support, assistant accountant, market researcher and digital marketer. I tend to seek out new opportunities, so I usually don’t stay too long in one position.

My passion is to promote sustainable slow travel and my goal is to do my own thing. After traveling around with my family and friends, I realized that I like to take things slow. I don’t want to “see as much as possible”, I rather take my time to explore a place I like and get to know the locals better.

After working in 8-5 jobs, I thought to myself, “Life has to be more than this (work)”. Waking up every day, going to work, come back and sleep numbed my brain. I want to live, and not just to survive. Life is really too short as I got older. However, reality hits hard when you don’t have money.

That is why, in the last couple of years, I decided to find ways to support myself and not worry about money when I am traveling around. I am not aiming to become rich. I just want to earn enough, in a way I enjoy, and live my life.

Where did the name “Sofakenews” come from?

That is an interesting story. The names itself was inspired by ex-president Donald Trump. After hearing “fake news” being tossed around so much, I wanted to start a new alternate media news source. “So fake news” is to express the idea that some news is “so fake”.

I even found others that shared my view about providing unbiased and well researched news topics to the readers. We started a daily headlines section, debunked fake news, and wrote about topics we found exciting. It didn’t last, the problem was about sustainability.

So, instead of finding another team, I decided to remake Sofakenews into my personal experience blog. The core idea stays the same, honesty. Sofakenews is still about writing worth well and trustworthy blogs.

How am I sustaining the blog?

As you may have noticed, my blog has ads. I hope that the ad revenue would at least cover the costs of running this blog. Eventually, I want to earn some money from ad revenue. For now, I am just writing when I have the time and if there are something interesting to write about.