Asian Foodie Experience | Best Food Podcast 2019
Asian Foodie Experience | Best Food Podcast 2019

Welcome to 3m – Asian Foodie Podcast!

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Hi, we are Marcus, Mike and Michelle and this is our temporary corner on the internet! We are just 2 British and 1 Swedish born Asian light-heartily discussing our favorite foods, thus the name Asian foodie podcast. We started the podcast because we wanted to share our love of food and experiences with different dishes.

There’s a theme to every podcast, whether it’s a type of food or particular dishes. If you listened to any of our podcast, then you know that we are huge foodies. The goal is to take you on our Asian foodie experience!

We don’t only talk about Asian foods, we also discuss European and American dishes. Together, we will be exploring different cultures, cuisines and ideas, as well as personal stories that come out of our food experience.

3m – Asian Foodie Podcast started in 2019 as a creative outlet for three friends. Honestly, our day jobs are tiring and we just want to relax and not think about work. We chose to talk about food because it is a topic everyone can relate to and we have extensive experience with different foods.

Throughout our journey, our philosophy has never changed. That is to spread the word about delicious foods. Join us on our journey to find out about new and exciting dishes. Feel free to browse around and leave your thoughts in the comments below!

You can listen to our podcast on Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud! 

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#Episode 1: Best Instant Noodles? – 3m Podcast

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