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Why is my online store not selling

Why is my online store not selling? | Discussion & Solution

Increasing sales is the goal of every businesses, no matter the size or industry. However, to sell online is like ...
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Marzia Bisognin Youtube Cutiepie pewdiepie

3 Legacies Marzia Bisognin (Cutiepie) left behind│Reflecting on Marzia’s time on Youtube

I will be honest here. I am a casual Marzia fan, meaning I watch all her videos, visit her webshop ...
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Donald trump elections president

3 Reasons why Donald Trump is a master of Social Media – and how it helped him to win the election

As mid-term elections are approaching, let's take a look how Trump uses Twitter to his advantage. 1. He knows what ...
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Tik tok logo

Top 3 Tik Tok problems that needs fixing │ A look at Tik Tok’s future

Let’s start with what is Tik Tok and move on to Tik Tok problems. In essence, Tik Tok is just ...
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betterhelp logo icon dark

3 Things we know about the BetterHelp situation so far – is it BetterHelp or BetterRun

BetterHelp is an online therapy and counseling service that attracted a lot of unwanted attention recently. The controversy started when ...
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google gravity trick fun

6 Fun Google tricks you could do – Google is fun as well!

Did you know about the Atari Breakout Google trick? Or the Zerg rush Google trick? If not, check out our ...
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Google icon logo

5 Google useful tricks that you may not know about – Be a Google power user

We all know Google is a powerful search engine. Did you know it can be even more powerful? With the ...
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