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internet explorer dark web

4 Interesting facts about the internet – You may think you know the web, but you don’t

There are many interesting facts about the Internet, here's some of them! 1. “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a ...
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silicon valley tv show tech IT nerds

4 Tv shows that widens your horizon – Shows that makes you question the world

Having difficulty choosing a good tv show? Take a look at our list! 1. Silicon Valley Image: HBO Silicon Valley ...
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Fortnite skins

4 Reasons why Fortnite is a better Battle Royale game than the rest – a guide on Battle Royale games

Fortnite is an immense popular Battle Royale game. However, what makes it so successful? 1. The Map size Even though ...
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2018 League of legends World Championship

4 Tips to get out of Bronze/Silver in League of Legends – A Guide to improve your chances to be better at League of Legends

According to statistics, more than 60% of League of Legends players are ranked Silver and below in both Flex and ...
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