3 Reasons why Pewdiepie (Felix Kjellberg) will always be the king of Youtube │ Tseries vs Pewdiepie
3 Reasons why Pewdiepie (Felix Kjellberg) will always be the king of Youtube │ Tseries vs Pewdiepie

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Tseries, an Indian music and movie studio Youtube Channel, is becoming the number 1 subscribed Youtube channel. Pewdiepie (Felix Kjellberg) will mostly likely be detrhoned. What started as a joke became real very quickly. The significance of the battle between Tseries vs Pewdiepie is, firstly, that Pewdiepie will be dethroned after so many years. Secondly, behind Tseries, unlike Pewdiepie, is a massive studio.

Therefore, many don’t consider Tseries to be the true king because they are not a “Youtuber” and we agree. Technically, Youtube’s own channels like, Youtube gaming and music, has way more subscribers. But they are excluded because it is Youtube’s own channels. Felix himself said he doesn’t care is glad that he is no longer the most subscribed channel. However, let’s talk about why it is important for Felix to stay the king of Youtube.

He speaks his mind without playing along with Youtube or any news media

Around Youtube’s adpocolypse, Felix’s content changed. Many blamed him to be the cause; however, in reality Felix just ignited what has been a problem for years. Felix’s videos became drastically different from his old videos. This change divided his fans. Some disliked his new content and want him to stay a gaming channel, whereas others welcomed this change. Many fans supported him as they believe the change reflects Felix’s true self, making him more real than other Youtubers.

He changed the game entirely. He speaks his mind without giving into the pressure news media and Youtube placed on him. They want family friendly content without any controversy. Felix is fed up playing a persona and now creates content he likes instead of what news media or Youtube likes. Of course, this means sometimes his controversial content gets him into trouble, however, many appreciate his courage to bring up the topic.

Many Youtubers could learn from his journey

His no BS approach towards news media and Youtube has gained him a lot of admiration from other Youtubers and fans. However, other Youtubers could and should learn lessons from him. Even though Pewdiepie isn’t the oldest Youtuber, his quick rise to the top has given him lots of experience.

Essentially, he experienced the entire journey of a Youtuber from starting a channel to becoming famous. Felix has gone through every obstacle, every success and every downfall of the Youtuber experience. Not many could say they experienced every aspect of the Youtuber journey. Therefore, Felix is the best person to get advice from. Just look at how he is handling the Tseries vs Pewdiepie situation. He is capitalizing on the opportunity is such a natural way, no one is angry about him exploiting the situation.

Society needs people like Pewdiepie to break the status quo

The way society is heading towards, it needs warriors like Felix to constantly challenge the status quo. It is a good thing adpocolypse happened, because otherwise Youtube would forever be at the mercy of news media. Of course, Youtube is still at their mercy, but they have more leverage as they solved one of the biggest issues on online advertising. Some may argue adpocolypse would happen either way, however, maybe the outcome would be even worse.

Nevertheless, many content creators still cater to the new media overlords and as a result the viewer gets biased content. With creators like Pewdiepie, who isn’t afraid to stir up controversy, they push society to become better. They open the minds of the viewer and so they could challenge the biased news media, government and such. Lastly, Tseries vs Pewdiepie, we are on team Pewdiepie! Long live the King!

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